MB2 Can Am 16g+ Subsonic Seat (Lambo) - Set Of 2

MB2 Can Am 16g+ Subsonic Seat (Lambo) - Set Of 2

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MB2 Can Am 16g+ Subsonic Seat (Lambo) - Set Of 2

MB2 Can Am 16g+ Subsonic Seat (Lambo) - Set Of 2

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Our 16g+ Subsonic Seat is 2" wider then our 16g seat providing superior comfort and containment in a more spacious seat.

  • Industry Leading Design, Style and Comfort
  • Containment where you want it while still allowing for easy egress
  • Constructed of three foam densities, creating the perfect formula for support and comfort
  • Large molded polycarbonate harness pass-throughs that are both clean and functional
  • Removable bottom cushion with submarine belt slots
  • Unique insert stitch patterns designed and created by Mb2 Industries
  • Over 10,000 customizable color options to make your seats truly one of a kind
  • Designed to fit Can-Am Vehicles in all seat positions
  • Made in the USA
  • All seats are made to order in 2 weeks
  • Sold as a set of 2 seats

Our seats were designed from the inside out using the best materials in the industry. We know that you are able to see and feel the difference between an MB2 seat and any of the other manufacturers. Once you sit in them it becomes apparent that this is the seat you have been waiting for. The 16g seats were engineered to provide superior comfort with just the right amount of containment. This allows you to ride all day with reduced fatigue while keeping your body securely in place even through the rough stuff. With keeping in mind the desire for ease of entry and exit. The suspension material; neoprene coated nylon support material is wrapped tightly around the tubular steel seat frame. We use three densities of poly foam throughout the seat to provide superior support and comfort. Then add the fit, finish and style of the subsonic seats from MB2 Industries, this makes them the premier seat for whatever your off-road vehicle is.