EVO Powersports Can Am Maverick X3 Shift-Tek Essential Clutching Packages

EVO Powersports Can Am Maverick X3 Shift-Tek Essential Clutching Packages

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EVO Powersports Can Am Maverick X3 Shift-Tek Essential Clutching Packages

EVO Powersports Can Am Maverick X3 Shift-Tek Essential Clutching Packages

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Utilizing technology originally developed for racing where adjustability and versatility play a key role to winning success, our Shift-Tek packages make the necessary modifications to keep your engine in the proper RPM range for a given tune level, riding conditions and vehicle configuration. Our custom geometry weights also improve shifting overall, making them quicker to react while getting the power to the ground.

All Kits Except the B-180-W Include:

  • 6 Clutch Weights
  • EVP High Engagement Spring
  • The B-180-W includes 4 clutch weights and utilizes the OEM primary spring

Much like most of our product line, Shift-Tek Clutch Kits and components have been race tested during the 2019 & 2020 BITD and Lucas Off-road series with exceptional results including numerous podiums and championships.

Combine with our Badass WB Belts for unmatched performance, adjustability and belt life.


Clutch Weights: The EVP primary weights have many innovative features which set them apart from the others on the market. Our weights are made from hardened carbon steel which make them much stronger compared to others which can break under hard use. EVP weights are different color zinc coated which add another layer of protection while keeping them looking new and to aid in identification during installation. The primary clutch must remain balanced therefore weights of the same color are installed opposite one another. Since some kits require 3 different mass weights, having them color coded eliminates any confusion. Our built in, shouldered bushing is a unique feature that only our weights have. By having the bushing machined and pressed into the arm, it eliminates the need to reinstall the OEM washers on each side of the weight which is frustrating especially if you lose one during installation. The OEM weights have a very shallow or flat arc which contributes to a lazy shift pattern. Our weights have a more aggressive arc which makes for much quicker upshift and backshift. Additionally, except for our big turbo applications where additional mass is required, the weights are kept thin without excessive mass on the tip for quicker backshift.

Clutch Springs: Our proprietary springs are manufactured from the highest quality Chrome Silicon steel, then shot peened and preset to relive stress for a long life. Our different primary springs are matched to the different clutch weights / clutch kits to deliver the desired engagement RPM’s. Included in some of our high horsepower setups is our custom secondary spring which provides additional belt grip.